Shopping Saturday

New Year greeting.

From all of us at Cullman Regional, we hope you have a healthy, happy and safe New Years Eve. 2017 is going to be the year for a healthier lifestyle and mindset!

Thorough Thursday

"New Years Resolution to exercise more, healthy eating, and get more sleep. Healthy Lifestyle concept image.Please also see my lightbox:"

With the New Year quickly approaching, many people will resort to drastic diets or weight loss plans in an effort to loss all of their holiday weight. Even though they may have good intentions, many of these diet plans prove to be very difficult to follow and studies show many people end up giving up… Read more »

Work Out Wednesday

Man running in a gym on a treadmill

The holidays can get a bit crazy, but don’t lose focus. If you can’t spare a full hour, break up your fitness program into two to three 20-30 minute workouts. Not only does having two shorter sessions offer you more flexibility, but you’re increasing your odds of exercising at least a little each day. Even… Read more »

Motivation Monday

A notebook with tally marks

We all have urges we’d like to stop, but a lot of the time we’re not consciously aware of them. One of the most powerful things you can do is to start being more in tune with those urges. A good exercise is to go through the day with a little piece of paper and… Read more »

Work Out Wednesday

A cheerful young woman putting her earphones in before a running session

If your first stop after rolling out of bed and throwing on some shorts is the gym, you’re probably going to be less than enthusiastic when you pick up your first heavy object of the morning. Before you get under the bar or hop on the treadmill, give yourself an extra jolt of energy in… Read more »

Motivation Monday

Think positive writing on white napkin around coffee pen and phone on wooden table

Always try to think positive and be aware of your thoughts. We all talk to ourselves, whether you notice it or not, but we are not always aware of what these thoughts are. So start listening! If you notice you’re thinking negative thoughts, stop them, push them out, and replace them with positive thoughts. Positive… Read more »

Fun Day Sunday

little sisters in Santa hats jumping and dancing. Colorful confetti is flying around them, it’s Christmas morning

Even though the Holiday season seems to bring out a lot of sweet temptations, don’t forget about all of the calories you’ll be burning while dancing at the Christmas parties and festivals! Did you know you can burn around 195 calories by dancing for just half an hour? That’s right! So turn up the Christmas… Read more »

Shopping Saturday

Couple shopping at christmas fair outdoors At Rathausplatz, Vienna, Austria. Wearing warm clothes, hats and scarfs. Looking at christmas decorations. Evening or night with beautiful yellow lights lightning the scenes.

Enjoy in some family holiday fun while also supporting a great cause at the Christmas Festival and Market event today, 12/10, from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. The event will be held at Seventh Street Baptist Church, and activities include the following: Santa’s Workshop, carriage rides, live entertainment, food vendors, arts & crafts vendors, bounce… Read more »

Fixer Upper Friday

Creative diy hobby. Handmade tools for making christmas present, box in craft paper with red ribbon. Top view of white wooden table with copy space, decoration of gift.

Did you know spending just one hour wrapping gifts can burn up to 120 calories? That’s right! This Holiday season, try to set aside enough time to get all of your gift wrapping done in one sitting so you can take advantage of the time. Who knew the Holiday’s could be so healthy?

Take Control Tuesday

Cheerful Santa Claus holding glass with milk and cookie while sitting at his chair with fireplace and Christmas Tree in the background

Take control of your weekend by making reservations for this Sunday’s Brunch with Santa! You’ll enjoy a delicious buffet brunch and visits with Santa at the TP Country Club from 11 am – 2 pm. It’ll be a fun time for the whole family! Reservations are required, so be sure to call (256) 739-0738 in… Read more »