Motivation Monday


Medical Laboratory Professionals Week recognizes the important role medical laboratory professionals and pathologists play in healthcare. Laboratory professionals often work behind the scenes, and few people know about the critical testing they perform every day. Cullman Regional Laboratory Services includes 43 team members which include medical technologists (MTs), clinical lab technologists (MLTs), specimen processors, phlebotomists,… Read more »

Take Control Tuesday

ADHD CONCEPT Printed Diagnosis Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

If you are an adult living with ADHD, a growing body of nutrition and diet research shows that what you eat can make a difference in managing your symptoms. Eating certain foods and following an elimination diet such as the Feingold Diet, which cuts out food additives among other guidelines, can help. Foods, such as… Read more »

Thorough Thursday

Healthy Heart isolated on white background

When a heart attack doesn’t hurt, how do you know? Contrary to popular belief, chest pain does not always accompany a heart attack so it’s important to recognize the other more subtle symptoms like intense sweating, jaw ache which may extend to the arm or back, dizziness and nausea. If you ever experience these symptoms… Read more »

Workout Wednesday

Close up of legs during run on the snow.

It’s harder than ever to stay fit and healthy in the winter months. It’s cold and dark outside of work hours and the preferred option is usually to curl up on the sofa in front a nice warm fire. But maintaining an exercise routine is as important as ever, so some helpful tips to stay… Read more »

Thorough Thursday

Organic Breakfast Quinoa with Nuts Milk and Berries

Whether you prefer oatmeal, avocado toast, or eggs, getting a healthy breakfast sets the tone for a day of weight control and fewer calories overall. In fact, research shows that people who start their day with a good breakfast make healthier choices and have a lower body mass index in general. Once you find the… Read more »

Motivation Monday

Girl making exercises with dumb-bells in the park. Shalow depth of field.

From lowering the risk of cancer to lengthening life expectancy, that visit to the gym has more health benefits than you may realize. We all know that working out keeps your heart healthy, boosts energy levels and is crucial for weight loss and maintenance. But what you may not know is that it can also… Read more »

Thorough Thursday

Human kidney cross section

The kidneys are vital organs responsible for waste management, and are crucial to maintaining your body’s blood pressure and chemical balance. If you don’t take good care of your kidneys, you’re risking a ton of health problems, some of which could cause them to shut down altogether. Some of the most common kidney-linked diseases are… Read more »

Take Control Tuesday


Wondering why the same tried-and-true tricks you used to lose weight back in your teens and twenties no longer work after 40? From a biological point of view, the answer is pretty simple: If we maintain the same diet and exercise habits we began in our twenties, most of us will inevitably put on some… Read more »

Take Control Tuesday


Join us for our RN Recruitment Open House on Saturday, 2/18, from 8AM to noon! Trust us, this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss!

Motivation Monday


Have you recently lost some weight and you don’t want to see that number go back up on your scale? Although gaining the weight back might feel inevitable, it doesn’t have to be! In fact, an analysis by the National Weight Control Registry found long-term weight maintenance is possible if you follow some key behaviors…. Read more »